Wifi & Internet Installation – Home networking

With the development of smart technologies such as voice activated speakers and lights the concept of the home network is one that is becoming much more relevant. While businesses have used similar set ups for a number of years, previously most homes used a simply home Wifi system to access the internet. Now with the advances in technology, more people are requiring a dedicated network for their home and we can offer this service across South Wales.

What is a home network?

A home network is a basis for a range of technologies and is crucial for optimum operation of these different systems. Internet usage can slow down all devices connected to it, such as laptops, PCs, tablets and games consoles as well as smartphones. When you then add smart devices such as speakers or lights, this can stress the existing Wifi system to the point where it simply stops working properly.

The answer is to have an installer create a home network for your property. This involves adding Wifi points around the house that boosts the amount of space your home has for internet capacity. It can often involve wires that need to be hidden within walls or floors then use outlets as access points.

Getting the right system

There are also lots of different options for the home network and what you need as part of your installation. Look up the idea on the internet and you will see terms such as Node Zero and solid or stranded cables. Rather than study all of this, you can simply use our experience to sort out what you need and install the right components around your house to create the desired network. We offer no obligation quotes for all the work we do and can also install satellite dishes and even wall mounted TVs while we are organising your home network.

WiFi Point to Point bridges

In Wi-Fi networking, a point-to-point wireless bridge lets users wirelessly connect two or more locations together. This bridge enables users to share an Internet connection between two or more locations and to share files and other types of data across the network.

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